Friday, June 26, 2009

The 08 Goudey Smackdown!

(click to see a close up of the prizes)

Good Morning!

Payday just happened to drop on a Friday at the Mojo household so what better way to kick it off then a quick trip to good old Wally World. I was surprised to see that Walldo World had 3 boxes of 09 Sweet Spot Hobby for sale at the super retail price of only 119.00 a pop. I was roughly $97.76 short on one so I had to settle for nine $1.49 packs of 08 Goudey, 2 $2.99 packs of 09 Americana, and a $2.49 package of top loaders.

I thought about stashing one behind the secret, and super stealth Pepsi cooler hiding spot, but figured at that price they wouldn't sell anyhow. Is it me or has it become damn near impossible to pull an auto out of a Topps, or Upper Deck retail blaster these days? I remember back in the days when you had to buy a hundred blasters to pull one, but the possibility was always there. These days you get a promised relic, or manufactured patch card, and this all but eliminates the possibility of any ink whatsoever. I just wish the card companies would stop this nonsense A.S.A.P. Not only does it take away the element of surprise, but it also guarantees you something you might not want.

O.K enough bitching lets get on with the contest. I was really impressed with last years Goudey Sport Royalty autographed checklist. So impressed that I have been buying single $1.49 packs from El Walldo like hotcakes, and in the progress have managed to accumulate a lot of 08 Goudey. Unfortunately I have yet to pull one, but at $ 1.49 a pack you bet your ass I will keep trying until the last pack slides off that rack. So here's the deal. You guess the correct amount of cards pictured above, and you can have them. I will then throw a bonus question at the winner, and if he, or she answers it correctly I will throw in the Hunter Pence Relic as well.

Unlike the previous contest there will be no time limit, and everyone gets one count plus a bonus count ( I would save the bonus). No hints were added for this contest. There is a kicker to this contest. The winner will be added to a list of twenty contestants who will be eligible for the Mother Of All Contests. As soon as the winner of the 20th contest is declared I will hold the M.O.A.C the following day. The winner of the M.O.A.C will then get to pick any card I own pictured on this blog . That's right any card.

Ladies and Gentlemen start your noggins.

Good Luck

The Mojo Hand