Thursday, May 28, 2009


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A visit to my local Hobby Shop was long overdue, and with the rain pouring, and the thunder cracking I took the 20 minute drive to Triple Crown Sports Cards in Brockton NY. Stepping foot into Triple Crown Sports Cards is like taking a trip back in time. The shelves alone can have you wondering what ever happened to guys like Wally Joiner, and Chris Sabo? Terry the owner is a real gentleman, and his knowledge of the sports card industry spans over 25 years. His shop is by far the greatest my hand has ever graced, and to speak of T.C.S.C as just a card shop would be an understatement, because its such a special place. Anyhow that's another story, and I'm saving it for another time. So please support your local shop even if it means a long drive. Without your help it is almost impossible for them to survive, and on the other hand Ebay will be fine. My first intention was to pick up some late Nineties wax, and pray for a refractor, but instead was detoured by an unopened box of 08 Donruss Threads ( or Panini Threads). I picked up 10 packs set up an interview with Terry, and hit the road like it was 1989. Donruss Threads had to be one of the more interesting releases of last year. Even though its loaded with sticker auto's ( isn't everything?) its also loaded with Hall of Famers, and some of today's brightest prospects. The airbrushed emblems can be a little overwhelming at times, but with no M.L.B license I think Donruss did a pretty fair job ( they were sued by M.L.B anyhow). On the plus side a majority of the prospect photo's are different then previous ones I have seen, and the shot of  Bumgarner is his only non duplicate I have witnessed to date. Out of the ten packs ripped I pulled a total of four autographs, a vintage jersey of  The Killer, a foil parallel of The Killer numbered 1/25, three inserts, and a stack of base cards. If anyone sees anything they like pictured above, or has any needs please Email me.

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  1. AnonymousMay 29, 2009

    Nice break, my friend pulled a nolan ryan jersey jersey 3ed to 100 out of a single pack