Sunday, May 3, 2009

Product Review "KISS Icons"

Ever since I could crawl I have always been a loyal fan of the rock group Kiss. Needless to say when I spotted a row of retail blasters at Wally World I didn't even think twice about snatching one up. The artwork, and photography for these cards is out of this world showcasing 35 years of the legendary rock band. Kiss icons also goes behind the scenes with never before seen photo's, along with quotes from current and former band members. The 90 card base set includes subsets such as First Kiss, The Make Up years, Kiss & Tell, and Milestones in Kisstory. You also have a shot of pulling some really cool Kiss Klothes  memorabilia straight from the fire eating, blood spitting man himself Gene Simmons. To top it off  A redemption can be pulled for an autographed eight by ten of Gene, or Paul numbered to fifty. My favorite cards in the set are the Blood Spitting parallels. These cards are seeded 1:4 packs and are  similar to the base, but have a layer of blood splattered all over them ( how cool is that). Each pack also contains a Kiss tattoo which is evident by the full sleeve my six year old daughter grace is running around with. Kiss fan or not these packs are a pleasure to open, and a great addition to any one's collection. If you happen to be A loyal soldier of the Kiss army do yourself a favor and treat yourself to 35 years years of classic Kiss. 

The Mojo Hand

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