Monday, May 11, 2009

Am I trippin?

 I pulled these two on card autographs Mothers Day from A hobby of 09 Goudey. The John Havlicek Sports Royalty may be one hue shy of a masterpiece, but the autograph of the legendary Celtic is absolutely striking. I also pulled A Max Scherzer Goudey Graph, and a J.J Hardy Game used jersey for anyone that may have interest. Incredibly poor color schemes, and over saturation really hurt the artistic imagery of this product. From a visual perspective you cant help but laugh at A majority of the base cards  including the Andy Warhol inspired four in one. Cheesy comic book artwork, and L.S.D inspired creativity make 09 Goudey the loudest cards I have ever seen. In my opinion Topps needs to hire an artist who can bring it! Now thats what I'm talking about.

The Mojo Hand


  1. AnonymousMay 12, 2009

    Kong is a great artist! I love his work

  2. Congrats! those are great pulls. my box had a Gamel auto and a J. Nathan mem card with a ton of SP'S though. anyway congrats. Grant old school pack buster

  3. Mojo Hand after going through your Blog from another bloggers recomendadion, Iv'e found it to be one of the best and enjoyable to read. Iv'e added you to my blog and appreciate your hard work it takes to put together such a good blog site. As an old card collector just getting back into collecting from 1982-1991 I'm well out of the new loop so to speak back then there was no EBAY,Blogs,on-line traing ETC.. ( as you know back then it was beckett and our oe local hobby shop) so I'm re learning the hobby and sites like yours helps with that curve! Feel free to stop by my blog and critize or give me some helpful hints that would be much appreciated. Thanks, Grant old school pack buster