Friday, April 24, 2009

The early bird special


I just broke this hobby open, and I must say for 43.50 I am very satisfied. I have followed Glen Perkins since he was drafted in the first round of 04, and think he is one of the best young studs out there. He is looking filthy so far this year, and at times unhittable very nice auto! The red framed Nolan Ryan is a beauty to say the least. The retro uniform blends in well with the red frame of the card making it one of my favorite pulls of the box.  As you all know by now I hate Jersey cards, but there was something about the Dave Winfield card that brought some excitement to the pull. These are very nice looking game used pieces. The design is fantastic, and the high gloss surface makes the card jump out at you the minute it comes out of the pack. The Johan Santana jersey card pictures him in a Twins uniform, but states that he plays for the Mets could this be an unlisted error card? ( yeah right) Oh I also pulled an Adam Dunn blue framed 16/125 ( how could I forget) for all you haters out there.  So there you have it all together I pulled a whopping 6 framed pieces, an auto of a rising star, and 2 jersey cards. I also pulled 4 more of the S.P's needed to complete the set. What started yesterday morning as a trip to Wally World for some milk turned into a 72 pack ripathon. Welcome to the world of collecting, and another day in the life of  The Mojo Hand.


  1. If you're trading I could use the black framed parallels.

  2. Email me with your needs Im looking for S.P's. Im sure we can work something out.