Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Topps Announces W.B.C Redemptions 1 & 2

That was Quick.

It seems Topps has announced W.B.C Redemptions 1 & 2. My man Lee Yin Young is #1,  and el capitan is #2.  You can read all about it here .::TOPPS::. Sports Home. I was lucky ( or unlucky ) enough to pull 8, and 10.  By the way since we are on the subject of redemptions has anyone received a  red hot rookie yet? According to my redemption page it shipped over 2 weeks ago. 


  1. Look: "...has anyone got there red hot rookie ...." is incorrect. "There" is a place. "Their" implies a person. "They're" is a contraction of "they are." See? And if you really want to impress the over-18 crowd, use instead: "Has anyone received a Red Hot Rookie yet?" Notice how the proper noun is capitalized, and the use of "got" is entirely avoided. (Can you find another proper noun in your post that should be capitalized?) Your content is generally good. I will not abandon you.

  2. What a nice guy, that Anonymous.

    In any case, how do I know which number redemptions I pulled? I have two, but they're from 2009 Topps (Series 1). I don't think they say which card number they're redeemable for.

  3. Hey Josh
    You have to redeem your card first. Here is an example.

    TBBRAE5WFB Baseball 2009 Topps Series 1 WBC Redemption 8 02/07/2009 Pending

    As for anonymous above. I do not believe in censorship so I guess I have inherited an editor. I just wish he would at least provide a name so I could thank him appropriately. I hope this helped.


  4. 8 is good. It's Yu Darvish. :)